Put a red mark on anything: concept, idea, picture or more simple on a sheet of paper, in any overcrowded place... and the red mark is the first thing you will see!

Visibility is what drives us!

Through creativity, innovation, technology and experience we are offering the most efficient, competitive and interesting marketing solutions.

Our integrated portfolio of services allows us to develop and implement strategic and tactical initiatives across the complete marketing mix.

We are operational in over 75 cities in Romania and we can develop any project at national level.

Study your consumer's geo-demographical profile or better let us do it, take a red marker and place a sign anywhere on the map! Place as many signs as you want and let us know how long and in which way you want your brand to interact with your target. Through interactive presentations, special events, sampling, direct mailing or through the classical channels, we ensure that where you placed the red sign your brand is enjoying the best visibility!

Investigate your competition! Send us there and let us make your brand the most visible!

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